Real Estate Sense for February 2014

Buying VS Leasing

Buying a home verses leasing a home is a very important decision.  One good reason for this is that everyone needs Shelter.

Shelter brings with it a sense of belonging a place of peace if you will.  Shelter, a home, a dwelling place brings a sense of pride and ownership if you lease or purchase your dwelling place.  The choice is really yours. 

As you plan your 2014 housing needs make a simple check list with Lease VS Buy.  Talk with  your family members, include your children, take in to account  near relatives, employment and even pets.  List your options, once you see your list in writing it will surely relieve some of your stress.

Finally after your list is completed and you have decided which is your best option Leasing or Buying then contact a knowledgeable Realtor to help you with your next step.  My website has a 1st to Know feature which will give you up to date information on new inventory in the Michigan Real Estate Market.

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